The Fastest Horse Breed & What Makes It Fast?

The speeds reached on race tracks even amazes non-horse lovers! But what is the fastest horse breed? It should be no surprise the consensus for the fastest breed is a Thoroughbred, as well as the breed holding the current record.


The Fastest Horse Breed- About the Thoroughbred

The modern Thoroughbred is truly a marvel. As most breeds have undergone significant changes via selective breeding programs ...

What Makes them Fast?

Confirmation, or a horse’s natural bone and body structure, play a huge factor in speed ability.

Noteworthy Thoroughbreds

Winning Brew

Winning Brew is a Guinness Book world record holder with the fastest speed out of the gate! He clocked in at 43.97 miles per hour!


Although Secretariat did not earn the title of “fastest horse”, Secretariat is a racing legend. Secretariat was the first-ever Triple Crown Winner and held a record finish time of 2:24:0!

Thoroughbreds remain the “fastest” horse breed despite other fast horses clocked in at astonishing speeds due to distance. The American Quarter Horse and Arabian are also fast and athletic, but still unmatched for a Thoroughbred’s speed-hold.


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