The Parts Of A Saddle

It’s important for all horsemen and horse-women to know and understand how their saddles work.  Part of this understanding comes from knowing about the design and the parts of the saddle.


Parts of a Saddle

Pommel - It rises above the horse’s withers, and it slopes upward, to properly position the rider in the seat. Seat - This part is wider than the pommel, and it is often cushioned with foaming to make it more comfortable.

Cantle - This part also slopes upward, to give the rider more support in the saddle. Flaps and Billets - A saddle can either be duo-flap or mono-flap.

Saddle Attachments- Functions

Stirrup Leathers - attach to the seat and provide a strap with which to attach stirrups to the saddle.  Stirrups - Are the metal attachment that rider’s put their feet into

Grab Strap and Croup Strap - A grab strap is a small, leather strap that goes from one side of the pommel to the other. Girth -  attached around the horse’s belly with a girth. 

Breastplate/Martingale - is to hold the saddle in place, preventing it from sliding backward. 

As you can see, there are many parts to a saddle! It’s more than a leather seat you use when riding.  Saddles are important for both a horse and the rider’s comfort and safety.


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