The Shire Horse vs Clydesdales- Similarities & Differences

Although Shire horses and Clydesdales have many similarities, the two are distinctly different breeds. Read the comparison of Shire Horse vs Clydesdale. However, both are draft horses native to Europe.


The Clydesdale

Although Clydesdales are frequently referred to as the “Budweiser horses“, this amazing working breed does much more.

The Shire Horse

The Shire horse is a British breed, and typically a dark color (bay or black), or grey. These are the largest breed of horse ...

Shire Horse vs Clydesdale- Similarities

- Both draft breeds - *Typically* around 16 to 18    hands - Feathered legs - Up to 2,400 lbs - Strong and muscular   builds   ...

Shire Horse vs Clydesdale- Differences

- Shires have more of a    Roman nose - Excessive white is not   desirable in Shires - Different countries of   origin - Clydesdales are slightly    smaller and more refined    ...

Modern Use

To this day, draft breeds are still used in place of modern machinery or tractors. Both breeds are used for pulling, tourist sightseeing, and many owners love drafts for pleasure use!

Do you think you can see the difference between a Shire Horse vs Clydesdale? Although they share many similarities, these two distinct breeds have several differentiating features. If you have friends that love horses, be sure to share this article!


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