3 Smallest Breeds of Draft Horses

Are There Miniature Draft Horses?

Ever wonder which horse is the smallest of the gentle giants? Draft horses are known for being the biggest of the horse breeds.   But, what is the smallest draft horse breed?


1. Halflingers

Haflingers are one of the most beloved breeds of ponies. They are known for being dependable, versatile, athletic, and witty.  Haflingers are easy to pick out of a crowd due to...

2. Fjords

An incredible draft “pony” breed that very few people know about its the Fjord. The Fjord is an absolutely beautiful horse characterized by its unique coloring and draft-like build.

3. Gypsy Vanners

Gypsy Vanners, as their name implies, were bred by Gypsies to be the ideal cart horse for Gypsy caravans.  They were bred by mixing Shires and Clydesdales with British ponies...

So the smallest draft breed may not even be a horse, but a pony! Of course, there will always be exceptions to these standards. 


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