The Top 5 Best Treats for Horses

It is well-known that horses can be incredibly food-motivated, so having some of the best treats for horses readily available is indispensable for rewarding good behavior. 


To Treat or Not to Treat?

Virtual every single horse owner admits to feeding treats to their horse, which is totally understandable. 

How To Give Horse Treats

Treats are often given by hand and the first thing people learn is to offer the treat in the middle of your flat hand to keep fingers out of the danger zone.

What About Clicker Training?

I’m not going to get too much into clicker training because you could fill a book with information (literally – there are great books on this subject.) 

Treats for Horses Nutritional Risks

Even the best treats for horses can have nutritional risks, but these risks are generally directed at owners of horses with medical conditions.

How Much is Too Much?

Many treats have a lot of added sugar and flavor to make them desirable, but that makes them dangerous in large amounts.

Alternatives to Horse Treats?

If you think you’re feeding too much or are worried about your horse’s health, but you still want to reward them for a job well done, there are alternatives. 

1. Manna Pro Bite-   Size Nuggets

Manna Pro makes these great little bite-sized nuggets and the top two flavors are apple and peppermint.

2. Mrs. Pasture’s   Cookies for   Horses

Mrs. Pasture’s Cookies are a gold standard in the horse treat world. 

The Top Five Best Treats for Horses

3. The German    Horse Muffin-    Treats for horses

The German Horse Muffin is probably one of the best treats out there. 

4. Standlee Hay    Company Apple    Berry Cookie    Cubes

These are super cool treats because they’re alfalfa and timothy hay-based! 

5. Purina Apple &    Oat Flavored    Horse Treats

You can probably find these at any feed store and there’s a good reason! They’re a pretty standard “horse treat” and horses seem to enjoy them. They’re a great size and shape, so they’re a little easier to hand feed.

If you’re looking for a good general treat for your horse or one that will turn them into putty in your hands, the best choice is the German Horse Muffins! They are universally loved, you can use them for medications, and they can be fed whole as a fun treat ...


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