The Top Things To Ask When Buying A Horse

Looking for a new four-legged friend is an exciting time, but it’s important to prepare a plan with several things to ask when buying a horse.


Work with a Trainer or Trusted Agent

Enlist the help of a good trainer to help you with your horse search. If you don’t have a trainer, use an agent. Whichever person you use, ensure they are ...

Ask Yourself What You Want

Have a serious and realistic talk with yourself about the horse you want. The horse you want may not be the horse you need. If you want a horse for pleasure riding, a ...

Avoid Buying Sight Unseen

Many horror stories of people buying horses arise because they bought without looking at the horse in person. Horse dealers with questionable tactics often take advantage ...

Things to Ask When Buying a Horse

1. Check the Horse’s History

Ask detailed questions about the horse’s history. If you’re buying a horse to compete, ask to see its competition records. This will let you know the horse is capable ...

2. Ask about the Breeding

Ask to see the breeding of the horse. While the bloodlines aren’t always important, they can help you decide if the horse ...

Buying a horse is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Take your time and don’t buy a horse for the sake of it, just because you want one now. Don’t be afraid to bring in expert help.


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