Time And Cost Of Horse Ownership- A Guide For A Proper Horse Care

Horses make amazing animals to own, however, they require a lot of time and attention. So, just how much time does a horse need? 


How Much Time Does A Horse Need?

Horses require a lot of care and attention to thrive. Since they are herd animals, they benefit from spending time interacting with other horses.

Grooming And Care

Horses need regular grooming and care to help maintain a healthy condition. Regularly grooming helps maintain a healthy, clean coat. 

Exercise And Riding – How Much Time Does A Horse Need?

Exercising is an important aspect of keeping your horse healthy. 

Outdoor Time

Outdoor time is important for a horse’s health. Horses can benefit from exercise, herd bonding, and eating grass when outdoors.

Feeding And Watering

Horses on average get fed two to four times a day and they should always have access to clean water.

Veterinarian And Farrier Care

You will also have to dedicate time for your horse to receive veterinarian and farrier care. Most horses will need veterinarian checkups once to twice a year.

Horse require lots of time and money to care for, however, they are very rewarding to own. Since horses need daily care and lots of space, most people will keep them at a boarding barn.


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