Tips For Maintaining A Horse’s Teeth- 

Dental Occlusion Dental In Horses

Like with people, dental care is an important aspect of horse care. Understanding the percent of occlusion dental in horses can help horse owners get a better idea of how a horse’s teeth work.


What Is Occlusion In Horses?

Occlusion simply means contact and refers to how the teeth are aligned in a horse’s skull. 

Percent Of Occlusion Dental In Horses

The approximate distance the lower jaw moves laterally can be split into percent molar contact and percent incisor contact. 

Treatments For Occlusion – Percent Of Occlusion Dental In Horses

A veterinarian or equine dentist can diagnose occlusion and horses and proceed with a treatment plan from there depending on the cause and type. 

What Is The Cost Of Horse Dental Care?

Generally, it costs between $80-$200 to get a horse’s teeth floated. It can cost around $20-$80 for any extractions and around $10-$30 for extraction fees.

Dental care is very important for horses, as good teeth are vital for them to be able to chew forage. 


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