Top 3 Heavy Horse Breeds Revealed!

Horse lovers around the world have long admired the wonderful heavy horse breeds! These gentle giants have been part of our lives for centuries, and in the past, played an essential role in farming life. 


What Is A Heavy Horse Breed?

We’re not just talking about tall horses here – heavy horses are muscular, strong, and have huge levels of stamina.

Why Were Heavyweight Horses Needed?

Their immense strength was used to pull heavy loads, from fully loaded wagons to hauling fallen timber up steep hillsides.

Are Heavy Horse Breeds Still Used Today?

The modern-day rancher and farmer have many mechanized tools at his disposal, and these days it is rare to find a heavy working horse. 

Top 3 Huge Horse Breeds Revealed!

1. Shire Horse, this magnificent animal originates from the UK and has been a prominent workhorse there since the 18th century. 2. Clydesdale, which also hails from the UK. This heavy horse breed comes from further north and takes its name from the River Clyde in Scotland.

3. Percheron, a heavily muscled horse with a more elegant action than other large horse breeds.

These magnificent beasts could fulfill many roles, including plowing fields, hauling heavy loads, and powering mills. Nowadays, they are no longer required to work, but are still popular as show horses and display animals.


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