Top 6 Most Expensive Horse Trailers

Horse trailers are an essential part of any equine owner’s life. Here is an inside look at the most expensive and luxurious horse trailers available.


Types of Luxury Horse Trailers

It’s no secret that horse owners will try to spare no expense for their animals. 

Most Expensive Horse Trailers

There are many budget-friendly options of horse trailers available. However, here are the top, most expensive horse trailers.

1. The Million Dollar Horse Trailer

Topping our list of most expensive horse trailers is the 2022 Bloomer Trailer from Wheeler’s Trailers. This is a custom trailer that goes for $999,999.

2. Country Estate Villa Trailer

This luxury trailer from Featherlite is 53 feet long, and more than half of it is dedicated to the living quarters.

3. Country Estate Ranch Trailer

While the Villa trailer’s focus may be on the living quarters, the Country Estate Ranch trailer has the most luxurious options for the horses. 

4. Norstar Cimmaron Horse Trailer

This brand of gooseneck trailer is one of the top-rated companies. These trailers can be customized to carry 2-8 horses. 

5. Lakota 2022 Bighorn Trailer

This trailer is loaded with custom options making it one of the most unique trailer options out there.

6. 2017 Platinum Coach Outlaw Horse Trailer

As a slightly more affordable option at only $98,857, this trailer still offers a comfortable space for all inside.

The care of our horse is always the number one priority of any equine owner. These trailers are unusually expensive and out of the average person’s budget. 


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