Top Rocky Mountain Horse Facts!

Horse fans love the Rocky Mountain horse for many reasons. These sure-footed and hardy horses have a great temperament and are renowned for their smooth gait. 


What Is A Rocky Mountain Horse?

During the 1800s, the use of horses in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky was popular, and a specific type was preferred. 

What Makes The Rocky Mountain Horse So Special?

Rocky Mountain Horses are medium-sized riding horses, standing between 14 and 16 hands high. They are normally solid in color, with a preference for a chocolate brown coat and flaxen mane and tail.

What Are Rocky Mountain Horses Used For?

 Trail riding  Carriage driving  Showing  Endurance riding  Mountain trails  Farm work  Cattle driving  Showjumping  Rodeo events

What Is The Temperament Of A Rocky Mountain Horse Like?

When it comes to temperament, the Rocky Mountain Horse is placid and gentle. It is often used for novice and inexperienced riders. 

Top Rocky Mountain Horse Facts!

 This breed originates from the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky.   The remarkable coat color of the Rocky Mountain Horse is due to the influence of the rare silver dapple gene. 

 When founded in 1986, there were just 26 horses registered with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.   Nowadays, there are Rocky Mountain Horses registered from over 27 different countries. etc

Top Rocky Mountain Horse Facts!

So, as we have learned from our Rocky Mountain Horse facts, this is a tough and agile riding horse used for trail riding, trekking, and endurance racing. They have a gentle and dependable nature, making them great as a family horse and for less able riders. 


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