Top Tips For Measuring An English Saddle

Learning how to measure a saddle can be an intimidating experience and something that is easy to get wrong! However, getting the right size saddle is vital to ensure your horse is comfortable. 


Why Is Fitting A Saddle To A Horse Important?

Fitting a saddle to a horse correctly is essential to maintain your own comfort and your horse’s wellbeing. Horses have strong and muscular spines, but it can be very easy to injure . . .

What Measurements Do You Need When Measuring An English Saddle?

If the size of the seat is too long for the horse, it will press on the long bone at the top of the forelimbs. This will hinder the movement of the horse and can be very uncomfortable.

How To Measure An English Saddle Seat

English saddle seats are normally measured in inches, with the average adult size coming in at 17 inches. Children’s pony saddle seats will be around 15 inches, and a large draft horse may have a saddle of 18 inches or more.

How Do You Measure A Saddle Gullet?

When measuring the gullet of an English saddle, firstly carefully place it somewhere where you can see underneath the saddle. This could be a saddle rack, over a gate, or on a stable door.

Fitting the correct sized saddle can take a lot of time and effort, and using the wrong saddle can be an expensive mistake if your horse becomes injured. 


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