Trailers Security - Best Ways to Lock a Trailer

Ways to Lock a Trailer – Trailers are a very important (and very expensive) part of most horse-owners equestrian experiences! Trailers are necessary to get your horse pretty much anywhere, aside from the walk from the barn to the arena or the pasture.


Trailer Hitch Lock Systems

Undoubtedly, the most simple and efficient way to lock your horse trailer (or any trailer for that matter) is with a hitch lock.  Many equine professionals and professional equine ...

Other Lock Systems

While hitch locks are the most popular form of trailer locking system, there are also many others that are used either on their own or in addition to hitch locks.  These include tongue locks, ...

Tongue locks are very similar to hitch locks but can be even more effective if they are of high enough quality.  So, hitch locks prevent a thief from ...

Trailer Tongue Locks

Wheel Locks for Trailers

Trailer-wheel lock systems are similar to what car enthusiasts use to secure their automobiles, beyond a typical locking system.  Trailer-wheel locks attach to either the inside or ...

The Ultimate Combination To Lock A Trailer

The most secure combination of the locking systems addressed in this article would be a tongue lock. This is a full all-wheel trailer-wheel lock system.  With this combination, all ...

The only person who can decide exactly what methods or trailer security will be best for you and your horses is yourself.  Your decision will depend on your budget, what types of situations and areas you trailer your horses to. How frequently you trailer your horses, how unique your trailer is, and other important factors.


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