Treatment For West Nile Virus In Horses

The West Nile virus is a nasty thing to deal with. Knowing what treatment for West Nile virus in horses is available is important if you are a horse owner. It is vital you contact a veterinarian if you think your horse may have West Nile virus.


What Is West Nile Virus And How Does It Spread In Horses?

West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne virus that can affect humans and other animals. Horses make up 96.9% of non-human cases of West Nile virus reported.

What Are The Symptoms Of West Nile In Horses?

However, common early-onset symptoms include twitching of the ears and muzzle, aggression, fine muscle twitching and chewing.

How Is West Nile Virus Diagnosed In Horses?

To diagnose if a horse does have West Nile virus, a blood sample will need to be taken. The blood will then be tested for the presence of the virus or antibodies. 

Treatment For West Nile Virus In Horses

There is no specific Treatment For West Nile Virus In Horses. Treatments vary by symptomatic and supportive care for the encephalitis and the neurological irregularities that the virus creates. 

Preventative Measures Against West Nile Virus

Vaccines are able for horses as annual core prevention to protect horses from infected mosquitos. 

Though there is no specific Treatment For West Nile Virus In Horses, most horses are capable of making a full recovery. You can also prevent the virus by getting your horse a vaccine. 


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