Type Of Horse Shoes – What You Will See Most

Hoof care is an essential part of owning a horse, whether you just do regularly trimming or get your horse shod, you will notice different types of horseshoes.


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What Is A Horseshoe?

A horseshoe is a metal plate in the shape of a ‘U’ that goes on the underside of the hoof.

Horse Shoe History

To get a good understanding of horseshoes, knowing a little bit about their history will help learn the differences.

There are several types of horses commonly seen, each with a specific purpose.

Regular Shoe

A regular horseshoe is a kind you will see the most often. Most of these shoes are pre-made a fit to an individual horse’s hoof with some minor adjustments. 

Rim Horseshoes

A rim horseshoe is pretty much the same as a regular shoe.

Bar Horseshoe

A bar horseshoe is fully enclosed. You will see the regular ‘U’ shape, and instead of a gap at the heel end of the shoe is a metal bar.

Heart Bar Horse Shoe

The heart bar is similar to other types of bar shoes. In addition to the bar across the heal, it also has a metal plate the covers the frog.

Racing Plates

Racing plates are aluminum instead of steel. 

The majority of horses will wear normal shoes. Sometimes the farrier will add plastic or gel pads to provide a little more protection. A skilled farrier will know if your horse needs a different type of shoe and can advise you on general hoof care.


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