Types Of Roan Horses And Colors Explained

Horses come in a huge variety of colors, with many different features and markings. The color roan is very striking, and there are several types of roan horses.


What Is The Color Roan?

The color roan occurs when a horse has a mix of colored and white hairs in its coat. These are very finely mixed, so you would need to look closely to be able to identify ...

Why Are Some Types Of Horses Roan Colored?

The color of a horse depends on several genetic influences. There are actually only two basic coat color genes in horses – red (chestnut) and black.

Which Horse Breeds Are Most Likely To Be Roan?

The gene that creates a roan coat color is much more prevalent in some breeds of horses. The most famous of these is the Quarter Horse, which has a ..

So, as we have learned, all types of roan horses have a coat that contains a mix of white and color hairs. This creates a lightened effect to the coat like the horse has been sprinkled with flour!


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