Understanding a Degloved Horse Hoof (Without Cap)

Certain hoof conditions can be very serious and need lots of medical attention. One of the most gruesome looking things that can happen in hoof care is a degloved horse hoof/horse hoof without a cap.


Degloved Horse Hoof, Parts of a Hoof

The hoof capsule or cap contains the hoof wall, sole, frog, and bulbs of the heel. It is a significant part of a horse’s hoof. Increased pressure on the hoof can cause problems with ...

What Can Cause a Degloved Hoof

Though it rarely happens, a degloved horse hoof can happen for a variety of different reasons. It is important to make sure your horse has healthy hooves ...

Laminitis, which one may also hear referred to as founder, is a serious hoof condition. It happens when the blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae is disrupted ...


Degloved Horse Hoof: Horseshoes

It is common for many horses to wear horseshoes. However, it is important to make sure that your horse is getting shod on a regular basis to avoid loose shoes and to make sure the shoe is properly fitted to the hoof ...

Degloved Horse Hoof: What to Watch Out For

Though it may not lead to a degloved hoof, there are several ailments you should be aware of that could potentially contribute to the loss of a hoof cap ...

How It Can Be Treated

If your horse loses its hoof cap, you need to contact your vet immediately, as it is an emergency ...

The hoof cap helps protect several sensitive parts of the hoof. It is important to make sure your horse is receiving proper hoof care, as it is important for their all-around health. A horse should get their feet trimmed every six to eight weeks and any signs of problems in the hoof should be reported to your vet.


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