Understanding A Horse Teeth Age Chart

Looking at a horse’s teeth can be an effective way to find their age. Using a horse teeth age chart can help you understand the major ways age is factored by teeth.


Foal Teeth

Upon birth, a foal will develop baby teeth, which are also known as deciduous teeth. A foal will have a total of 24 deciduous teeth, 12 incisors, and 12 premolars.

Adult Horse Teeth And Horse Teeth Age Chart

Permanent adult horse teeth will begin to erupt at around one year and continue until a horse is about five years old. An adult horse will have 36-44  ...

Aging A Horse By Its Teeth

After five years old, once horses have all of their teeth in, it can be a bit tricker to get their exact age. However, there are four main ways you can detect a horse’s ...

Occurrence Of Permanent Teeth

From the ages of one to around five years old, a horse will erupt all of its permanent teeth. Each year in this time frame, you will be able to get a very accurate ...

There are also outside factors that can affect a horse’s teeth, making it more difficult to determine the age. Factors that can change a horse’s teeth include cribbing, genetics, ...

Outside Factors

In many cases, you can get a good idea of a horse’s age by looking at its teeth. Occurrence of permanent teeth, the disappearance of cups, angle of incidence, surface shape, and Galvayne’s groove are the best factors to determine age.


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