Understanding Equine Leptospirosis And Hepatic- A Vet Advice

Leptospirosis is an issue that many people are not familiar with. Understanding equine leptospirosis and hepatic can help horse owners get a better idea of what this entails. 


What Is Equine Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease caused by bacteria that belong to the Leptospira genus.

What Causes Leptospirosis? Equine Leptospirosis And Hepatic

Leptospirosis is most commonly an issue in horses in North America. 

Equine Leptospirosis And Hepatic

Though uncommon, leptospirosis can cause hepatic failure in horses. Hepatic failure refers to the failure of the liver in horses.

Equine Leptospirosis And Abortion

If a mare becomes infected with leptospirosis, it is common for her to abort her foal or give birth to a stillborn. 

Treatment And Prevention For Leptospirosis

Treatment will be most effective when administered before the eyes or organs receive any damage.

Leptospirosis is generally mild in horses, however, it can cause liver and kidney problems, uveitis and abortion in pregnant mares. This disease can be found worldwide, but is most common in hot, humid areas.


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