Understanding How Long Is A Horse Pregnant

A lot of time, money, research and care are taken into account to achieve the best possible horse. With all the work that goes into breeding, you’ll wonder how long is a horse pregnant.


A Typical Horse Gestation Period

Gestation of a horse typically lasts 10-11 months, from conception to birth. Most mares only carry one foal per pregnancy, though twins do happen on rare occasions.

Gestation Stages

A mare will go through roughly three trimesters during the gestation period. The first trimester begins with conception and is generally confirmed at two weeks. During the first ...

Generally, horses are bred during summer to guarantee a spring or early summer birth. This allows the foal to have access to fresh grass when it is ...

Horse Breeding Season

The term seasonal polyestrous may sound complicated, but it simply means that horses go into heat (estrus) during the spring and summertime. When a horse is in heat it means that they ...


Though rare, a horse may conceive twins. Unfortunately, most times both foals do not survive, as horses’ bodies are not built to carry two babies. In many cases, if a horse carries twins to ...

The Most Exciting Part

As your mare continues on into the third trimester, you’ll need to make sure you are fully prepared for the arrival of the foal. After about day 315, you should carefully ...

Though a horse is generally pregnant for 10-11 months, they still may give birth to a healthy foal before or after that time. 


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