Unique Horse Names For Geldings

Calm, dependable, and loyal – if you’re a gelding fan you’ll understand why they are a popular choice with many horse owners!  Geldings are loved by horse fans around the world, and can often have unusual, funny, or just downright crazy names. But what are the best unique horse names for geldings?


How Are Horses Named?

Many horses have two different names. They will have a registered name that appears on their official identification documents. 

Popular Male Horse Names

Many horse names are popular and may be used over and over again. Western horses are often given names such as Buck, Cowboy, or Poncho. 

How To Choose A Male Horse Name

Choosing the right name for your gelding is very important, so it is essential that you don’t rush into this decision.

Unique Horse Names For Geldings

Looking for an unusual name for your gelding? You’re not the only one – many people are veering away from traditional names ...

*Ricotta *Martini *Brioche *Butterscotch

Food Or Drink Related Names

*Sorrento *Dublin *Paris *Cairo

Location Names

*Sirius *Altair *Draco *Triton

Astronomical Horse Names

*Flint *Opal *Dacite *Scoria

Geological Horse Names

*Dexter *Maximus *Shrek *Snoopy

TV Or Film Characters

So, as we’ve learned, there are some great unique horse names for geldings! If you want to stray away from traditional horse names, then you have a huge range of different names to choose from. 


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