US Equestrian Teams Olympic Results

Are you wondering about the final results of the three US Equestrian teams at the 2021 Toyko Olympics? We broke everything down for you in this easy guide so you can see the placements of each team.


US Jumping Equestrian Team

McLain Ward

This was McLain Ward’s fifth time competing at the Olympics. 

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington, originally from Wellington, Florida, was also added to the team.

Laura Kraut

Laura Kraut had previously competed in the 2000 and 2008 Olympics. 

Jessica Springsteen

At just 29 years of age, Jessica Springsteen was also selected to compete on the US jumping Olympic team.

The Final Results

Coming into the final, the US and Swiss teams were tied for second place with France taking the lead. 

US Dressage Equestrian Team

Adrienne Lyle

Adrienne Lyle was born and raised in Washington. 

Steffen Peters

Originally from Germany, Steffan Peters became a US citizen in 1992 after coming to California almost 10 years before to work for trainer Laurie Falvo. 

Sabine Schut-Kery

This marks Sabine Schut-Kerry’s first Olympic competition. 

The Final Results

The US Dressage Team won the silver medal in the Dressage Grand Prix Special, coming in second to the German Olympic team.

US Eventing Equestrian Team

Doug Payne

This was Doug Payne’s first Olympic games.

Phillip Dutton

Phillip Dutton competed in his seventh Olympic games, as he has ridden in every Olympics since 1996. 

Boyd Martin

Boyd Martin, also an Australian native is the son of two Olympic parents.

Out of 14 teams on the final day of the Olympic eventing competitions, the US Eventing Team finished in sixth place. A few unfortunate rails meant they didn’t receive a medal finish, but the team was still overall very proud of their placement. All riders were also placed in the top 25 for their individual medals.


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