Uses of Horses Throughout History

Horses and humans have had a relationship unlike any other. There have been many uses of horses throughout history such as in wars, work, as transportation and as companions. 


Uses of Horses Throughout History: Horse Domestication

Horses were first domesticated around 3500 BC. It is believed that man first tamed horses in the steppes of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Uses of Horses Throughout History: War

The history of war would likely be very different if horses were not used. Since ancient times, people have used horses in war. Horses provided power and ...

Horses for Transportation

Ever since the domestication of horses, they have been used as a means of transportation. They have been ridden, pulled carriages and wagons. Horses allowed the man to go ...

Horses for Work

Horses have also helped humans with their jobs. They have allowed people to get more work done at an efficient pace, thanks to their strength and endurance.

Horses as Companions

One of the most important roles horses have played in history is that of being a companion..

Horses have played a huge role in history. They have changed how wars are fought, provided us fast and efficient transportation, helped us work and most importantly been loving companions. 


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