War Horses – Top Breeds Revealed!

Have you ever wondered what types of horses were used for battle? Let’s find out all about the best breeds of war horses!


What Is A Battle Horse?

Horses have been used in battle for many thousands of years. Using a horse in battle gave the rider the advantage of speed, strength, stamina, and height. A soldier mounted ...

What Types Of Horse Did Knights Ride?

A knight was one of the highest ranks of noblemen and would require an exceptional battle mount. A knight’s mount was expected to be very grand, and the ...

What Are The Best Breeds Of War Horses?

As well as horses selected especially for knights and noblemen, many other horses were required for the cavalry to ride. In times of war, it was normal for ...


If you wanted a mount with exceptional endurance and stamina, then you couldn’t go wrong with an Arabian! These speedy and courageous horses were favored for battle in ancient Egypt, ...

The Friesian horse was highly regarded as a battle mount during the middle ages. This breed is of a medium height and build, and is very athletic for a draft-type horse.


So, as we have learned, many different breeds of horses have been used in the battle over the centuries. The type of horse varied according to whether it was ridden by a knight or someone of a lower rank.


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