Western Saddle Brands To Avoid

Buying your first Western saddle can be a daunting experience – with so much choice available, how do you know which are the best Western saddle brands? And which Western saddle brands to avoid?


What Is A Western Saddle?

The Western-Style of riding dates back to the late 1770s. Cowboys spent a lot of time horseback and needed equipment that was both comfortable and functional.

What Is The Difference Between Horse Saddle Brands?

- There should be thick, dense fleece on the underside of the saddle. -  Look for high-quality stitching which will stand the test of time. 

What Is The Difference Between Horse Saddle Brands?

- Always buy a saddle with good-quality leather, which is soft and pliable. - Look for any rips, bumps, lumps, tears, or other visible flaws.

What Is The Difference Between Horse Saddle Brands?

If you are not sure of the brand, the manufacturer’s mark and the serial number of the saddle should be stamped into the leather or a small metal plate. 

Which Are The Good Western Saddle Brands?

Dakota Saddlery:  roping, trail, and barrel racing saddles. Dale Chavez: handcrafted and made of the finest silver and leather. Wintec:  created innovative synthetic saddles which feel just like the real thing. 

Which Are The Western Saddle Brands To Avoid?

- Badly fitting, may not be true to size - Inferior quality leather which is stiff and may crack easily - Slippery seat surface.  etc

Finding the Western saddle for you and your horse can take a lot of time and effort, and buying the wrong saddle can be an expensive mistake. It is worth spending time researching different brands before you decide which Western saddle to buy. 


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