What Are Draw Reins For Horses?

Draw reins for horses are often recommended as a training aid, but what exactly are they and how do they work? Let’s find out!


What Are Draw Reins For Horses?

Draw reins, also known as running reins, are a training aid for horses, used when the horse is being schooled under the saddle. 

What Are Draw Reins Used For On Horses?

Draw reins are used as a training aid to help to encourage the horse to stretch his head forward and down.

How Long To Use Draw Reins For Horses

Using them constantly can be counterproductive, as the horse might start to hang onto the reins, eaning the weight of his head on the draw reins.

How To Make Draw Reins For Horses

Most riders and trainers purchase purpose-made draw reins, made of either leather or webbing. 

Are Side Reins The Same As Draw Reins?

Side reins are used as a training aid when lunging a horse. They attach to the bit of the bridle at one end, and the girth or surcingle at the other. 

They also encourage the horse to move in a straighter manner. Draw reins should only be used occasionally and for short periods, otherwise, they may cause pain and discomfort for the horse.


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