What Are Male Horse Called? More Than One Name

The name for a horse’s sex progresses as the horse ages, just like humans, and whether it has a breeding career or not, so what are male horses called?



The name for a male foal is a colt. The term foal stays with the horse until it turns one, at which time the name changes to yearling. This applies to female foals as well. However, if the ...

Stallion Horse

At the age of four, a horse is no longer a colt and becomes a ‘stallion’. A stallion is an uncastrated mature horse. A mature, uncastrated horse can have a breeding career. For a ...

When a stallion takes part in inbreeding, a couple of other terms come into play. 

Other Terms For the Stallion


A gelding is a castrated colt or stallion. Gelding occurs between six and twelve months of age for most horses. Though, for some horses, this does not occur until the age of three to see  ...

Gelding Temperament

One of the most popular types of horse is the gelding. When buying horses, riders generally prefer a gelding. This is because they usually have the easiest temperaments.

As you can see, male horses have three main names depending on their age and castration status. Under the three main names, other terms come into play. Female horses also have different names.


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