What Causes a Colic In Horses? Best Colic Treatments

Every horse owner, rider, and enthusiast has heard the word “colic.” In the horse world, colic in horses refers to a condition a horse experiences when something in its digestive system has become irritated for a variety of different reasons.


Colic In Horses Symptoms

The first step in beating colic is recognizing it when you see it.  Some signs your horse might be experiencing colic include rolling, pawing, scratching at the stomach, and ...

Different types of Colic In Horses and their Causes

* Gas Colic

* Spasmodic Colic

* Twisted gut

* Impaction      Colic

There are three primary treatments for colic, and, understandably, the treatment used will depend on the type and severity of ...

Colic In Horses Treatments

Colic In Horses Preventatives

Ideally, the best way to treat colic is to prevent it from happening in the first place. While not all cases of colic can be prevented, there are things that you ...

Colic can be devastating for horse and owner, but if the right steps are taken to prevent it and treat it, it can be cured. Understanding what causes a horse to colic and the best colic treatments is the first step to making sure you are adequately for your horse’s gastro and intestinal needs.  


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