What Colors Do Horses See?

It would be easy to assume that animals can see the same things as humans, but this is not always true! Some horses seem to spook at brightly colored objects, but what colors do horses see?


Do Horses Have Good Eyesight?

Compared to other types of animals, horses have relatively good vision. How well an animal can see is calculated by the number of cells in the retina.

Are Horses Color Blind?

The retina of the eye contains cells called cones. There are different types of cones, each able to sense different colors.

What Colors Can Horse See?

The cones in the retina of the horse’s eye can detect blue light and yellow-green light. This enables them to see all shades of blue, green, and yellow, but not red.

Do Horses Have Full-Color Vision?

The retina of the horse’s eye does not contain cones that can identify the color red. 

Do Horses Have A Blind Spot?

The size, shape, and position of the horse’s eye are designed to enable them to see around their body ...

Can Horses See At Night?

Horses have far superior vision than humans in low lighting. 

So, as we have learned, horses can see the colors yellow, green, and blue. They cannot identify the color red, which will appear gray to a horse. Horses have very good vision and are especially good at seeing in low light.


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