What Do Vets Use To Euthanize Horses?

You may need to make the difficult decision to have your horse euthanized to relieve them from suffering. But what does this process involve, and what do vets use to euthanize horses?


Why Is Putting A Horse Down Necessary?

If you become a horse owner, at some point you may need to make some difficult decisions, such as whether it is necessary to have your horse put down.

What Do Vets Use To Euthanize Horses?

When you are thinking about having your horse put down, you might be worried about what the process actually involves. It can be very daunting if you have ...

Lethal injection

Lethal injection is the favored method of euthanasia for many horse owners. It is seen as less violent than a gun, and many feel that it is more gentle.

Gun or captive bolt

The second method of horse euthanasia is by gun or captive bolt. The horse is euthanized using a firearm by shooting a certain point of the skull from close range. This is a ...

If you’ve been present when a cat or dog was euthanized, it is likely that you were allowed to stay with them during the whole process. Is the ...

How Are Horses Euthanized?

So, as we have learned, veterinarians have two methods of euthanasia available for horses. The first of these is using a gun or captive bolt, and the second is by lethal injection.


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