What Does A Horse Symbolize?

Horses can be found all throughout history, literature, and culture and can mean a variety of different things to different people. What does a horse symbolize?


What Do Horses Represent?

Horses have always been a huge part of history. They became a major part of early human lives. People used them to travel, to assist with heavy work, and to go into battle with.

Horse Symbols In Different Cultures

The Celtic people have had a long history with the meanings of horses. Horses were so important to them that they were often associated with several gods, including the sun god.

In the Hindu culture, horses are viewed as gifts from God. This gives horses a “divine” status in the Hindu religion.  Many horses are present in the stories of Hindu mythology.  Horses are also rich in Chinese culture. There are many types of horses in their mythology as well, and horses are viewed as symbols of love, endurance, and stability.

What does a horse mean? The answer to this question was not a simple one, as horses have had a huge influence on many cultures. Each has its own take on what horses mean to them. 


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