What Does A Minimal Splash Horse Look Like?

Paint horses come in many amazing color combinations, and the minimal splash horse coloring is highly sought after. But what do minimal splash horses look like and how do horses get these markings?


How Do Horses Get Their Coloring?

The color of a horse is determined by its genetic DNA, inherited from its parents. The foal will get one set of genes from its dam, and another from the sire.

What Is A Splash Paint Horse?

A splash paint horse is one that has large white patches of hair over its body. This type of coloring is referred to as pinto markings, and it is very common in ...

What Is The Difference Between Splashed White And Sabino Markings?

Fans of pinto horse coloring will have noticed that splashed white and sabino markings are very similar! However, there are some ...

What Is The Splash White Gene In Horses?

There are six different genetic mutations that can cause splashed white coloring in horses, labeled SW-1 through to SW-6. Some of these are more common than ...

As the name suggests, a minimal splash horse will have fewer white markings than a full splash white horse. The body of a ...

What Do Minimal Splash Horses Look Like?

So, as we have learned, the minimal splash horse coloring occurs when a horse inherits the one of the splashed white genes from its parents.


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