What Does It Mean To Float A Horse’s Teeth?

The horse world is full of strange terminology, and you may hear other horse owners talking about having their horse’s teeth floated. But what does it mean to float a horse’s teeth?


What Is Floating A Horse’s Teeth?

All horses and ponies need regular dental checks by a qualified professional. If any abnormalities are detected on the dental check ...

Why Do Horses Need Their Teeth Floating?

Horses are herbivores, and their diet is made up almost entirely of tough roughage such as hay and grass.

What Happens If A Horse’s Teeth Are Not Floated?

If a horse’s teeth are not floated, then small abnormalities will gradually become worse and cause health problems for the horse.

The easiest way to describe floating a horse’s teeth is to think of it as a file or rasp.

It is vital that only a qualified professional is allowed to float a horse’s teeth.

Who Can Float A Horse’s Teeth?

How Often Do Horse’s Teeth Need Floating?

Your horse’s teeth should be checked every year by a dental professional. 

Good dental health is vital to a horse’s well-being. Therefore, regular dental checks and floating are essential to keep the teeth in good condition. 


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