What Is A Baby Horse Called – Not So Straightforward

Horses have various names as they grow from newborns to adults, this is not the personal name, but a general title for them all, so what is a baby horse called?


What Is A Baby Horse Called

When a horse is born, it is called a foal. The term foal applies to all baby horses, both male and female. 

One-Year-Old Young Horse

When a horse turns one, it is still a baby horse, but not a foal. At the age of one, the correct term to use is a yearling.


When a horse reaches the age of two, there is no special term to use. From this stage of the horse’s life onwards, no other general names apply. 

Filly, Colt, And Gelding

Filly is the term to use until a horse reaches its third birthday. If a male is not castrated is remains a colt until it turns four.

The Age Of Four

When a horse turns four, it enters its teen years of growth.

Interesting Facts About Baby Horses

The time a baby horse spends in gestation is eleven months. Due to the horse’s ancient wild instinct as a prey animal, a mare usually gives birth during the night. 

Golden Slippers

One of the most fascinating things about a newborn foal is its slippers. 

Leg Length

When a foal is born, it has extremely long legs. They are out of proportion to the rest of its body and only add to its adorableness.

Even though the correct term is a foal, it is still ok if you want to call it a baby horse. We all know that a foal is one of the cutest creatures you will ever encounter. It is easy to say you want one, especially if you own a mare.


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