What Is A Filly Horse Mean

You probably have noticed that several different terms are in use to describe a horse, which is pretty confusing, so what is a filly horse mean? 


What Does The Term Filly Horse Mean?

Filly is a generic term for a female horse. It is only applicable for females, so when you hear it, you won’t have to wonder about the horse’s gender.

What Is A Male Foal

If the foal is a male, it is a colt. Colt is only applicable if the foal is male. Like filly, colt applies until the horse turns four. However, if you castrate a colt, it is then a gelding.

What Is An Older Female Horse

When a female horse turns four, it is no longer a filly. The correct term to use is now mare.

Origin Of The Word Filly

The origins of the word filly are not exactly clear, but it is likely that it came into existence around the start of the 15th century.

Facts About Female Horses

*The gestation time for pregnant mares is 11 months. * ...

Hopefully, you will easily understand the word filly every time you hear it now. The easiest way to remember is that a filly is always a female horse. Then, if you can remember, that it is always a young female horse.


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