What Is A Grey Sabino Horse Color?

When it comes to identifying the color of a horse, there are many factors to take into consideration. Classifying horses with unusual coat patterns is very difficult, and grey sabino horse colors are no exception!


What Are Sabino Horses?

Sabino is the name used to describe a specific type of white pattern on certain horses. Sabino is a color or pattern of markings and not a breed of horse.

What Does The Sabino Horse Color Look Like?

Firstly, the white hair will normally be present on the legs and face, even in horses with minimal white coloring. 

Can You Get A Grey Sabino Horse?

The white markings on a sabino horse are created by a white spotting pattern gene called Sabino 1. This acts on the base coat color of a horse, adding splashes of white over areas of the face, legs, and body.

The colored patches of hair lose pigment over time, eventually turning grey then white. Grey sabino horse coloring is often confused with roan speckling, which is a common feature of sabino horses.


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