What Is A Hackamore?

There are many different types of horse tack available, and you may hear someone suggesting that you use a hackamore on your horse. But what is a hackamore and what is it used for? Let’s find out!


What Is A Hackamore?

A hackamore is a type of bridle used when riding a horse. The bridle is the piece of tack that is placed on the horse’s head and is used by the rider to control ...

Are There Different Types Of Hackamore?

There are three main types of hackamore bridles: mechanical hackamores, bosal hackamores, and sidepulls.

Mechanical Hackamores – What Is A Hackamore

A mechanical hackamore has solid shanks that sit between the reins and the bridle. 

Bosal Hackamores

A bosal is a type of noseband that makes up part of a specific type of hackamore bridle.


This is the most basic type of hackamore, and the reins are attached directly to a halter-type bridle. 

Cross-Under – What Is A Hackamore

A cross-under bitless bridle applies even pressure all around the head of the horse, rather that at any one specific point. 

What Is A Hackamore Used For?

Many riders feel that a hackamore is a kinder option than a traditional bridle with a bit. 


Like any bridle, a hackamore can be harsh if used incorrectly. 

Are Hackamores Harsh?

How Do Hackamores Work?

A hackamore bridle works by applying pressure at specific points on the horse's head when aids are applied via the reins.

Why Would You Use A Hackamore?

Hackamore bridles are popular in certain types of riding, such as Western and trail riding. They are also useful for horses that find a traditional bit uncomfortable.

So, as we have learned, a hackamore is a type of bridle that does not have a bit. The horse is controlled by pressure applied on various parts of the horse’s head, depending on the type of hackamore. 


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