What Is A Horse Tornado Shelter? And Do You Need One?

Keeping yourself and your animals safe during tornado season is a huge worry, and it is a good idea to plan ahead.


What Is A Horse Tornado Shelter?

A horse tornado shelter is a purpose-built building designed to house horses during a tornado. These are built to specific regulations, designed to withstand the ...

How To Protect Your Horses During A Tornado

If you do not have a tornado shelter, it can be a difficult decision trying to figure out how to keep your horses safe during a tornado. Do you leave ...

Barn Or Paddock

The biggest dilemma is whether to keep your horses in the barn or to turn them out into the paddock. The advantage of the barn is that horses are safe from flying debris, but the ...

How To Prepare Horses For A Tornado

If a tornado is forecast, there are some things you can do to make things easier both during and after the storm.

So, as we have learned, a horse tornado shelter is a reinforced building that is able to withstand the fiercest of tornados. Horses are restrained inside the shelter in a stall-like arrangement, with partitions separating each horse.


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