What Is A Spotted Horse Called? It Depends

Horses have a large variety of coat colors, markings, and patterns, which only add to their beauty, but here will look at what is a spotted horse called. 



The breed of horse most familiar, to even beginner horse enthusiasts is the Appaloosa.

Leopard Coat

A Leopard Appaloosa is one of the most distinct coat patterns. These horses have a white coat over most of their body, but all over this coat, head to toe, are spots. 

Blanket Appaloosa

The Blanket Appaloosa is still is an Appaloosa with a specific type of coat pattern. 


The Noriker is a very old European horse breed from Austria. It is a heavy, strong, draught horse from the mountainous Tyrol region. 

Colorado Rangers

A Colorado Ranger is an unusual horse breed that dates to the start of the 1900s.

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Pony Of The Americas

The Pony of the Americas is an uncommon breed that is increasing in popularity. 


The Knabstrupper is a rare breed that most people are not familiar with.

As you can see, spotted horses appear in several different horse breeds. In addition to the breeds with spots we look at here, you will also see spotted coats in Miniature Horses, the British Spotted Pony, the Nez Perce Horse, the Tigar Horse, and the Walkaloosa.


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