What Is A Sun Bleached Horse, And How Do You Prevent It?

Have you ever wondered why some horses get a lighter coat during the summer months? A sun bleached horse is a common problem, making the horse’s coat dull and faded.


What Is A Sun Bleached Horse?

When a horse grows its summer coat, it normally comes through with a vibrantly bright, and shiny appearance. However, if you live in a region with high levels of ...

Is Sun Bleaching A Problem?

The melanin in a horse’s coat also has another role, to protect proteins within the hair from damage. When the melanin itself is destroyed, proteins within the hair are ...

How To Prevent Sun Bleaching In Horses

One of the main causes of sun bleaching in horses is a mineral deficiency, leading to reduced production of melanin. Feeding a complete feed or balancer at ...

What To Put On Sun Bleached Leather Horse Tack

It is not just your horse that can get sun bleached! Leather horse tack can also fade in the sun, turning from a lustrous dark brown to a dull tan color.

So, as we have learned, a sun bleached horse has a dull and faded coat that has been damaged by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


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