What is a Warmblood Horse?

Anyone familiar with Sporthorses and English riding has heard of a “warmblood horse.” Warmbloods dominate the equitation, hunter, and jumper rings, and they are also used for dressage and three-day eventing.


Biological Meaning of Warmblood Horse

Biologically speaking, horses are mammals, which means they are warm-blooded.  They are not like reptiles, who are cold-blooded...

Warmblood Horse Type

Warmblood horses are where these two categories meet in the middle.  Warmbloods are more calm than hotbloods but more light-footed than coldbloods...

Warmblood Horse breeds


The Trakehner is a popular warmblood breed that originated in Germany.  They are known for being athletic, intelligent, kind, and loyal.

Selle Francais

The Selle Francais is another popular warmblood breed that originated in France...


The Holsteiner is a warmblood breed that originated in Germany...


The Hanoverian breed was developed in England in the 1700s but officially begun in Germany in the 1800s.


The Oldenburg came out of the Fresian breed in the 1700s.  This breed also evolved over time as the demand for certain characteristics changed. 

Warmblood horses have the same temperature blood as all other horses! They are simply a cross between the calm coldblooded horses and the energetic hotblooded horses.  They were bred to be an easy-going and athletic partner. Today, warmbloods are favored in all English disciplines.


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