What Is Beet Pulp For Horses?

Many people include beet pulp for horses as part of their equine friend’s daily diet, but why is this? Is beet pulp good for horses, and what are the nutritional benefits of beet pulp? 


What Is Beet Pulp?

Beet pulp is actually a by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry. When sugar beet is processed to extract the sugar, there is a large quantity of fibrous material left over. 

How Is Beet Pulp Fed To Horses?

Beet pulp is created by drying out the by-products created when extracting sugar from sugar beet. 

Is Beet Pulp Good For Horses?

Beet pulp has many nutritional benefits for horses. It contains high levels of easily digestible fiber and is low in protein.

Does Beet Pulp Help Horses Gain Weight?

For certain types of horses, beet pulp can be a useful way to help them gain weight. Beet pulp for horses is high in fiber and digestible energy, but low in protein. 

Beet pulp for horses is a highly digestible source of protein, made from the by-products of the sugar manufacturing industry. 


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