What Is Equine Motor Neuron Disease?

Equine Motor Neuron Disease (EMND) is a disease that affects the nervous system of horses, causing muscular weakness. This is a difficult condition to manage and is luckily relatively rare in horses.


What Are The Signs Of Equine Motor Neuron Disease?

When a horse first succumbs to EMND, the clinical signs can be quite subtle. The horse owner or carer may initially notice that the horse is ...

What Causes Equine Motor Neuron Disease?

EMND is a relatively new condition in horses, and not much is known about it at this stage. There does appear to be a consistent link between horses ...

How Is Equine Motor Neuron Disease Diagnosed?

A diagnosis of EMND is not always straightforward, and your veterinarian may want to carry out tests to rule out other similar disorders first. Tests ...

How Is Equine Motor Neuron Disease Treated?

As this disease is thought to be linked to a lack of vitamin E in the diet, the first line of treatment is to adjust the vitamin E level in the horse’s ...

The cause of this disorder is not fully known, although it is thought to be linked to a deficiency in vitamin E. A horse with EMND is not safe to ride, as it can become wobbly and stumble.


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