What Is HYPP In Horses? The Impressive Muscular Disease

What is HYPP in Horses – April 15th, 1968 marks a historical day in the Quarter Horse World. Impressive, a beautiful foal with exquisite conformation, a sweet disposition, and a remarkable ...


A Little Bit of History

Impressive had a very muscular build, but this was not a sign of his amazing health and conformation, but from a muscular disease called Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis or HYPP.

HYPP – Research Begins

In 1989 the AQHA began funding research on HYPP.  Dr. Sharon Spier, DVM, Ph.D., and her team did extensive research on the disease and 1992 determined that Impressive ...

What is HYPP in Horses – Clinical Signs and Triggers

Clinical Signs

HYPP does not affect all horses the same. Some horses will carry one copy while others carry two copies of the genetic mutation. Horses that carry two copies tend to have more severe ...


Horses with HYPP can be very sensitive to change. Intense training, being hauled, change in dies, getting sick, being put under general anesthesia, or anything that causes their daily ...

How is HYPP Treated

There is no treatment for HYPP, but in most cases can be managed with proper treatments and daily routines...

HYPP has a long history and has impacted the equine industry in an unforgettable way. Thousands of horses have experienced this disease first hand and have found many ways to better the quality of life for their horses.


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