What Is The Average Horse Stall Size?

What is a Standard Horse Size Stall? In the United States, a standard-sized horse stall is a 12’x12. However, there are multiple factors and scenarios that dictate appropriate stall size for a horse.


Purpose of Horse Stall

An average size horse (we will use 15 hands and 1,000 pounds as the “standard”) can technically fit in a very small space. However, most horses are in stalls for extended ...

Other Horse Stall Dimensions

Some barns have both 12’x12’ and 12’x24’ stalls. A 12’x24’ or 16’x20’ is essentially a “double”, but a popular size for foaling stalls. It is not uncommon for warmblood ...

Average Horse Stall Size – Variables to Consider

A 12’x12’ might seem like the right solution given it is the standard, however, there are many variables that can affect this decision. For example, ...

Although there is a standard stall size, it’s important to consider your own unique circumstances, as well as the foreseeable future. Luckily, many stall panels are sold as singles for ease of movement or expansion.


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