What Is The Best Grass For Horses?

You might think that all grass is the same, but making sure you have the best grass for horses will enable you to make the most of your grazing land.


What Is Grass?

It is all too easy to think of grass as the green stuff that grows on our lawns and grazing land, but this incredible plant species is actually much more than that!

Cool Season Grasses

The most popular grass in many pasture seed mixes is KY bluegrass. This is a cool-season grass, that grows well in colder temperatures.

Warm Season Grasses

These are particularly useful in areas that have low rainfall or are prone to drought. The best warm-season grasses for horses are pearl millet and crabgrass.


As well as grasses, it is customary to sow some varieties of legumes when reseeding horse pasture. They are high in protein and amino acids and are a good source of dietary fiber.

Ryegrass, chicory, and sheep’s parsley are all popular additions to horse pasture seed mixes.

Other Plants And Herbs

Horses spend up to 16 hours per day eating grass, and it is very beneficial for them to have the opportunity to browse on different types of grass.


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