What Is The Best Saddle Pad For Barrel Racing? Top 6

The saddle pad market is heavily saturated. Although that means unlimited options and price points for your horse, it can be stressful as a consumer.


Barrel Racing

What is barrel racing? Barrel racing is a rodeo event where riders execute a cloverleaf pattern around barrels for time. However, the sport has grown so much in popularity there are ...

Saddle Pad Purpose

Saddle pads are used under saddles for several biomechanical reasons. A proper saddle pad will not only optimize performance but keep your horse as comfortable as possible.

Saddle pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They not only need to be an appropriate fit for your horse but also your saddle.

Types of Pads


Material is also a matter of preference. Most pads use a wool/felt combination, but the addition of high-performance sport foams has grown in popularity over the years.

Top Picks For Best Barrel Racing Saddle Pads

Keep in mind, these pads are all made for high-performance barrel runs. That does not mean they are exclusive for speed events. Many trail riders ...

Although not an actual saddle “pad”, we couldn’t mention the Back On Track ceramic technology without featuring the product. It is for use under your normal saddle pad to help cold-backed or older horses warm-up and loosen their muscles.


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