What Is The Difference Between A Pony And A Horse?

When we hear the word pony, most people would assume that they are just a smaller version of a horse. But have you ever wondered if horses and ponies are really the same? And what is the difference between a pony and a horse?


What Is The Difference Between A Pony And A Horse?

Most people assume that a pony is a smaller version of a horse, and in a way they are right. Ponies are almost always smaller in stature than horses, but they do have many other differences too.

Difference Between Horse And Pony Size

In most cases, an equine that measures over 14.2 hands high is classified as a horse. For an equine to be referred to as a pony it should normally measure 14.2 hands high or less.

What To Consider After Adopting

• Arabian Horse – normally between 14.1 and 15.1 hands high. • Connemara Pony – anywhere between 13 and 15 hands high.

Difference Between Pony And Horse Appearance

If you stand a horse and a pony side by side, you will notice straight away that the horse is taller. But start to look closer, and you will see that they have other differences in their appearance. 

Pony Vs Horse Character And Strength

 If you put a 14.2 hands high pony breed against a horse one inch taller, in the vast majority of cases the pony would be stronger!

So, as we have learned, a pony is not just a smaller version of a horse! Horses and ponies are very different, and each has its own distinctive characteristics and appearance. 


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