What is the Most Comfortable Trail Saddle?

Are you looking for the most comfortable trail saddle? Ever gone on a trail ride that’s longer than an hour? My guess is that you got a little bit sore and had some trouble walking afterward! 


Choosing The Most Comfortable Trail Saddle

Every type of saddle is designed with a purpose.  Racing saddles are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic to help the horse run faster. Dressage saddles are ...

Most Comfortable Trail Saddle, Cashel

Cashel Trail Saddles creates their saddles with the comfort of both the horse and the rider in mind.  They create custom-fit saddles made for long length trail rides and/or ranch work.  

Cashel trail saddles are made with soft, high-quality leather, and they include appropriately proportioned foam padding for additional comfort.

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles

The Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles takes a different, but still effective approach to optimizing the comfort of their saddles.  Allegany uses Steele trees made out of pine, and also coated in fiberglass, as well as resin. 

Saddles by Steele

While Cashel Trail Saddles and Allegany Mountain Saddles both offer custom-fit saddles, Saddles by Steele take customization to a whole new level.

Features and Material

Like Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles and Cashel Trail Saddles, their saddles are made with wooden trees, typically out of yellow pine or western cedar.

Cashel Trail Saddles, Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles, and Saddles by Steele all create saddles that will keep you comfortable in the tack for longer length trail rides. They are saddles suitable for trail riding, ranch work, and pleasure riding.


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