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Half chaps are fabric or leather lower-leg protectors designed to be worn over a paddock riding boot, but what is the purpose of chaps? 



The term chaps, originally “armitas”, is thought to have been derived from the Chapparal Bush found across brush country. “Apron chaps” appeared in the early 1800s specifically designed ...

Half Chaps Materials

Half chaps are typically smooth leather, suede, faux leather/suede, and now breathable neoprene materials. Although the higher quality half chaps are leather, many people love ...

Most half chaps are a very snug fit with a side or rear zipper and a strip of elastic. This tight fit is essential due to slight stretching over time.

Wearing Chaps

Chaps Cost

Most suede half chaps will MSRP between $50-$60 USD. However, premium grain leather half chaps custom-fitted have run several hundred dollars, while custom fringe western half chaps with ...

Half chaps are a great economical option for an English rider not yet ready to take the price plunge with tall boots.


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